Equal Justice Initiative Transforming Narrative on Race

The Equal Justice Initiative (EJI), a Montgomery based legal rights organization, is led by the extraordinary vision of its founder and executive director, Bryan Stevenson. Alongside their work on the death penalty, juvenile sentencing and mass incarceration, they are bringing national attention to the legacy of slavery and lynching and their connection to America’s contemporary struggle for racial equality.

Our society applies a presumption of dangerousness and guilt to young black men, and that’s what leads to wrongful arrests and wrongful convictions and wrongful death sentences, not just wrongful shootings. There’s no question that we have a long history of seeing people through this lens of racial difference. It’s a direct line from slavery to the treatment of black suspects today, and we need to acknowledge the shamefulness of that history.”   –Bryan Stevenson


Check out the New Yorker profile (“The Legacy of Lynching, On Death Row”) on Bryan in its August 22, 2016 issue to learn more about his legal and racial justice work.