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Practice Areas

Strategy and Direction

Our first priority is to help assess your goals. What kind of impact do you want to have? Is it ambitious enough? What’s the best way to get there? What assets do you bring to the task? What gaps need to be filled? We map out the critical factors and do whatever needs doing. From strategy, to logistics and full-service staffing, we remain committed to bringing your goals to life and keeping your vision on track.

Inquiry and Insight

Understanding the communities and cultures that surround our work is essential to doing it effectively. We bring our clients on customized trips that offer new insights and critical exposure to the places you seek to impact, and to steep you in the reality of the places where you want to work. Each trip is meticulously designed to deliver transformative experiences and engage with the most influential, compelling and authentic individuals. We pair these immersive experiences with rigorous research back at home, and map out the landscape of your vision. While we don’t start with all of the answers, we won’t stop until we find them.

Advocacy and Influence

We leverage our extensive network to forge partnerships and influence public policy and public awareness. The most effective strategy often depends on getting your message in front of key individuals who are in a position to act—with their wallets, their voices or their votes. We have a keen understanding of how public policy is implemented throughout much of the world, and we are proud to engage our network in the name of real results.