Emily Benson

Deputy Director

Originally from Canada, Emily has lived everywhere from rural Illinois to the Netherlands and Latin America. With incredible depth of field experience and understanding of strategic development, her passion immediately shines through as strongly as her desire to help others.

Emily has diverse experience across a number of topics including agriculture, conservations, corporate supply chains, peace and security, and consumer engagement. She has canvased Illinois to find agricultural workers and ensure they were being treated fairly and developed child wellness campaigns for Illinois government. After law school, Emily did a stint at the International Criminal Court focused on child soldiers and worked for years at the Howard G. Buffet Foundation on a variety of global issues. Most recently, she was at Theo Chocolate where she developed the company’s supply chain impact strategy before moving into a brand strategy and communications role.

She is skilled in strategic planning and brings significant experience guiding individuals and companies in achieving their philanthropic goals. Emily has applied those skills with top 50 companies, multilateral donor agencies and with major NGOs including the UN family organizations.  She has worked in over 20 countries and in multiple languages including partnerships with many high-level government officials and heads of state. She speaks just as enthusiastically about consumer insights and corporate governance as she does about sustainability and agricultural policies.

Previously, Emily served on the Snohomish County Human Rights Commission. She has also been on numerous boards for community development and advises nonprofits on sustainably scaling their impact. In her free time, you’ll find her volunteering at Pasado’s Safe Haven, an animal cruelty rescue, or exploring the Pacific Northwest in her VW bus.

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