Laura Wood Peterson


Laura Wood Peterson focuses on strengthening opportunities for those who live in rural parts of the globe, starting in rural America. Laura draws on over a decade of experience in Washington, DC and builds trusted partnerships bridging urban and rural constituencies to advance public policy priorities, helping make the big ideas seem smaller because all politics are local.

At williamsworks she provides strategic political advice that includes legislative and regulatory research and engagement, keeping the team up to date on political activities and informing political strategies for beneficial impact to valued projects. Understanding that public-private partnerships are the 21st century business model, her leadership experience spans national and global outreach and team management on behalf of three key types of entities – a multinational corporation, fast-growth ag tech startup, and conservation non-governmental organization.

Laura grew up in rural Kansas on a multigenerational family farm and attended Kansas State University with a BS in Political Science and Philosophy. She attended George Washington University Law School where she also served as adjunct faculty in the George Washington University Department of Political Science. Realizing the interconnectedness of food to human and environmental wellbeing, she gained extensive natural resource and climate policy experience and did the next obvious thing, met a cowboy on Capitol Hill. After chasing city lights, she moved back to Billings, Montana with her family, Jess and their two beautiful cowgirls Cadence and Chloe (ages 7 and 4), to chase daylight as co-operator of their cow-calf ranch and as a volunteer for Montana Conservation Voters.

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