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At williamsworks, we have pioneered something new. We are a strategic advisory firm infused with a unique combination of visionary thinking, subject matter expertise, a global network of valuable connections and full-service, innovative make-it-happen support to help forward-looking individuals, non-profit organizations, public entities, foundations and corporations amplify their impact and achieve our shared goal of […]

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Believing that a focus on women and children is the key to attacking global poverty, CARE’s renowned CEO, Dr. Helene Gayle, and her leadership team approached williamsworks with an ambitious question: How can we bring attention, influence and increased assistance to Maternal and Newborn Child Healthcare (MNCH) in the most vulnerable communities around the world?

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Eastern Congo Initiative

The driving desire to give back can come from surprising places. For the founder of Eastern Congo Initiative, it was a footnote, buried in a book on the history of violence in western Sudan. The note casually mentioned that the notorious violence of the Darfur region was eclipsed only by that of its neighbor to south, site of the deadliest conflict since WWII – the Democratic Republic of the Congo.